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Creation 2020 / 2021


“We are imbued with an overflowing, with that which goes beyond and exceeds us. We’re made up of an obscure, archaic core that squats our souls. This unspeakable and unpresentable heterogeneity can make us go crazy; it can also make us create. We have to learn to live with it, to make room for it, to offer up to it ways of expression and manifestation.”


Gilles Deleuze

The theatrical project Loco is based in part on the short story of the Russian author Nikolay Gogol, Dairy of a Madman, on the life of the mentally disturbed author and in part on our own experiences.

Dairy of a Madman by Nikolay Vasilievich Gogol

Nikolay Gogol’s work Dairy of a Madman is an absurd tale that deals with the unclear boundary between insanity and reason. The short story’s main character Poprishchin is a low-level civil servant. His encounter with his boss’s daughter Sofi affects his life to the point of him becoming mad. The love he feels for this inaccessible woman pulls his sick mind into a delirious search for identity. “Maybe I am an earl or a general. Why do I look as if I’m just an insignificant employee? Maybe even I don’t know who I am.” He analyses and untangles “the origin of all these differences”. His investigation pushes him to question Sofi’s dog. Madness gives him the possibility to break ties with his miserable place in the hierarchic system by creating his own fictitious version of reality: he proclaims himself Ferdinand VIII, King of Spain. This sham temporarily saves him from his despair only to later throw him into a huge disaster. The so-called “Spanish deputies” will come to take Fernando VIII… to the asylum.


Belova - Iacobelli
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Production : Javier Chávez
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