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Creation 2020 / 2021


“We are imbued with an overflowing, with something which goes beyond us and exceeds us. We are made up of an obscure, archaic core which squats in our souls. This unspeakable and unrepresentable heterogeneity can make us go crazy; it can also make us create. We have to learn to live with it, to make room for it, to give it ways to express and to manifest itself.” 

Gilles Deleuze

The theatrical project Loco is inspired by the Russian author Nikolai Gogol’s short story ‘Diary of a Madman’, by Gogol’s own life and mental illness, and in part by our own experiences.

Dairy of a Madman by Nikolay Vasilievich Gogol

Nikolai Gogol’s ‘Diary of a Madman’ is an absurd tale about the thin line between reason and insanity. The story’s main character is Poprishchin, a lowly civil servant whose life is thrown into turmoil following an encounter with the director’s daughter, Sofi. The love he feels for the inaccessible Sofi sets him on a delirious search for identity. “Maybe I am an earl or a general. Why do I look as if I’m just an insignificant employee? Maybe even I don’t know who I am.” As he puzzles over his status, he is compelled to question and investigate everything – even Sofi’s dog, Meggy. Eventually, madness offers Poprishchin the chance to break free of his miserable lot in life when he proclaims himself Ferdinand VIII, King of Spain. The deception briefly lifts Poprishchin out of his despair, only to plunge him deeper into ruin: the long-awaited ‘Spanish deputation’ will soon arrive to escort their King Ferdinand… to the asylum.

September 25-26, 2021 at the World Festival of Puppet Theatres in Charleville-Mézières, France.

Direction, dramaturgy and interpretation Tita Iacobelli
Staging, dramaturgy, scenography design and puppetry Natacha Belova
Cast by Sophie Warnant
Choreography, exterior look Nicole Mossoux
Assisting dramaturgy and looking outside Raven Rüell
Light creation Christian Halkin
Puppets Loïc Nebreda
Sound Creation Simón González
Costumes Jackye Fauconnier
Scenography and assistantship to the staging Camille Burckel
Production Javier Chávez
Artistic Production Daniel Córdova
Lighting Gauthier Poirier dit Caulier
Production Company Belova-Iacobelli



September 25 – 26: World Puppet Festival Charleville-Mézières, France (3 performances)
September 29 to 30: Théâtre de la Cité in Toulouse, France (2 performances)

From October 5 to 9: The National Theater of the Wallonia Federation Brussels, Belgium
From October 21 to 30: L’Atelier Théâtre Jean Vilar Louvain la Neuve, Belgium

2021-2022 season
(dates to be specified)
Corpartes Theater, Santiago de Chile, Chile (10 performances)
House of Culture of Tournai, Belgium (2 performances)

Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre de Poche Bruxelles, L’Atelier Théâtre Jean Vilar Louvain-la-Neuve, Maison de la Culture de Tournai, Festival Mondial de la Marionnette Charleville-Mézière, Fondation Corpartes Santiago, Chili, Le théâtre de la Cité de Toulouse.

With the help of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Arts de la scène


Belova - Iacobelli
Theatre Company


Production : Javier Chávez
+32 491 955 366


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