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Belova ~ Iacobelli
Theatre Company

In 2012, Chilean actress and stage director Tita Iacobelli met the Belgo-Russian puppeteer Natacha Belova in Santiago, Chile at the La Rebelión de los Muñecos festival.

In 2015, again in Santiago, they created an experimental theatre laboratory for contemporary puppet theatre. When the two-month experience was over, they decided to develop a play together.

Chayka is the Belova ~ Iacobelli Company’s first production. The creation process lasted three years and took place across four residencies in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Brussels. The work was presented for the first time at the end of June 2018 at the La Rebelión de Los Muñecos festival. The play received the Best Play Award and the Best Actress Award in 2018 in Chile (el Círculo de Críticos de Arte de Chile) as well as the Audience Award for the Best Stage Direction in Chile (Premios Clap).

Natacha Belova was born in Russia, graduated in history, and has lived in Belgium since 1995. After initial work as a costume and set designer on the Belgian and international performing arts circuits, she went on to specialise in contemporary puppetry. Working on numerous projects in theatre, as well as in dance, circus, cinema and opera, she acquired a great depth of experience that drove her to instigate her own projects. Her first creations came in the form of exhibitions and installations.

In November 2017, she realised her first work as a stage director with Cie La Barca dei Matti’s Passeggeri at IF – Festival internazionale di Teatro di Immagine e Figura in Milan, Italy.

In recent years, she has given numerous puppet workshops in 15 countries across three continents, and in 2016 founded her own centre for research and training, the IFO, a non-profit based in Brussels.

Tita Iacobelli began her career as an artist in 2001. In 2003, she won the Best Actress Award at the Nuevos Directores festival. Since 2005, she has worked as an actress and puppeteer, as well as co-directing several works by Jaime Lorca’s Viajeinmóvil Company. She also gives puppetry workshops. Her work on various stages in Europe and the Americas has included productions such as Gulliver (2006) and Othello (2012). Her close ties to music led her to direct several musicals with the youth theatre company Teatro de Ocasión, and theatrical concerts with the Chilean jazz-fusion ensemble Congreso and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Santiago Municipal Theatre.



Belova - Iacobelli
Theatre Company


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